Who is Mme Bouquet?

Mme Bouquet is the hobby start-up of Marjan van Dongen and Ada Aalbrecht.

Wine is Marjan’s big passion.

In the past she followed the WSET courses Intermediate and Advanced

and succeeded with distinction.

It is her wish to continue some day and also do the Diploma Course.

While on holiday, Ada and Marjan like to spend part of the holiday visiting winemakers.

They think there is hardly anything more inspiring than experiencing the passion of the winemaker while tasting the wines. From this love of wine and its makers,

sprung the wish to import wine on a small scale. And, because then is now,

Ada and Marjan decided to  start preparations in the summer of 2012.
A brainstorm session led to the name of Mme Bouquet, with a cheeky pun

on a family joke and a reference to an important aspect of wine: the bouquet.
Mme Bouquet has a nose for quality and imports wines from winemakers

whom she has visited herself.