​The three producers with whom Mme Bouquet starts, are all located in Minervois.

This part of Languedoc has stolen out hearts. A beautiful landscape full of vineyards

and with a great variety of terroir. We discovered the beautiful village of La Livinière,

with the AOC of the same name. This appellation is considered to be the best terroir of Minervois.

Minervois also has an appellation for sweet wine made of the Muscat grape: Saint-Jean de Minervois. 

Apart from this AOC Minervois produces mainly red wine and rosé.

We met winemakers with passion and tradition who make a wonderful product.


Château Faiteau

Winemaker: Jean Michel Arnaud.
Château Faiteau is situated in La Livinière. The Minervois, which is roughly situated between Saint Chinian and Carcassonne, knows many sub-districts. La Livinière has a special place within Minervois, since it is the only village which has Grand Cru status. The wines from this area must meet higher standards, like a percentage of 60% Syrah. More…


Domaine de Barroubio

Wine maker: Raymond Miquel

Not far from the village of the same name as the appellation St-Jean de Minervois, lies the hamlet of Barroubio where the family Miquel has had vineyards since the fifteenth century. Not more than a few houses tucked away in the landscape of Hérault, it was quite hard to find the actual cave

the first time we visited. More…​​​​


Chateau Coupe-Roses

Winemakers:Francoise and Pascal Frissant

Château Coupe-Roses is situated just outside the little hamlet of La Caunette. A small distance away from the medieval historic place of Minerve, a Unesco World Heritage Site. When we visited Coupe-Roses

for the first time, our attention was drawn to the rosé by the father of the winemaker. More…